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Strategically located to quickly reach all of the island’s main attractions, the Relais delle Picchiaie is a hotel that allows you to easily engage in island life or retreat to undisturbed comfort. The ever present staff aim to constantly achieve the standards embodied in the hotel’s slogan - ‘special - just like you’.

Relais delle Picchiaie - relaxation, comfort and island pursuits on the historic Tuscan island of Elba

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Relais Delle Picchiaie Swimming Pool
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Special - Just Like You...

Relais Delle Picchiaie Swimming Pool

On Elba there are more than 70 beaches, all very different from each other. Of special note is Fenica Beach. However the island is not just about beautiful beaches; it is bestowed with history. The most famous resident being Napoleon. On the eve of his departure for the island in 1814 the defeated emperor wrote one last letter to Josephine, in which he said, "Never forget he who has never forgotten you and will never forget you." Elba like the emperor’s mistress will leave you with passionate and lasting memories.


The four star rooms are comfortable and offer all the amenities expected such as cleaning services, click here to take the Relais delle Picchiaie 360 Interactive Virtual Tour. For more information regarding the type of rooms available and conveniences provided visit our Accommodation page. Details of hotel facilities can be found on our Services page.

Relais Delle Picchiaie Room Relais Delle Picchiaie Room

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To check room availability or book a room immediately, consult our Real Time Reservations page. The best possible rates are guaranteed when you deal directly with the Hotel Relais delle Picchiaie. Keep an eye open for special deals available throughout the year.

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